Galicia, Albariño

Wine Tour

When you visit Galicia, in northern Spain, head for the Rías Baixas (low estuaries), where you will find the Albariño wine region.

The Rías Baixas Wine Route is an invitation to discover the wineries and vineyards where it is produced, as well as its traditional architecture and gastronomy.

Hotel Pazo o Rial


Agro de Bazan
Family Winery

Galician Horreo

Combarro village

Visit a country mansion winery , dated from the 14th century.

Have lunch in a family winery.

Wine cellar of Palace of Fefiñanes.

Sleep in Cambados Parador.

Martin Codax winery.

Finisterre, the farthest edge of north-western land.

Santiago Cathedral and its botafumeiro (The largest censer in the world, weighing 80 kg and measuring 1.60 m in heigh) that is swung vigorously across the cathedral, filling it with the smell of incense.