Paradors Tours

Would you like to sleep in a castle, palace or monastery? Paradors are hotels with a fascinating past.

There are 23 Parador hotels to make your dream come true by staying in Spain's World Heritage Cities.

It is an irresistible idea, a unique form of accommodation that will awaken all of your senses.
Imposing castles, quiet convents, elegant palaces, typical houses, modern buildings... all converted into comfortable hotels.

Explore thirteen unique destinations and let their monuments take your breath away.




Santiago de Compostela

Some of our

Picturesque Paradors

Santiago Parador, Galicia

Also known as the Hospice of the Catholic Monarchs, if you choose this Parador hotel, you will be staying in a 15th century building that was used to house the pilgrims visiting the city.

Cardona Parador, Barcelona

How would you like to travel back in time to the Middle Age? At the Parador de Cardona, you will feel as if that is just what you've done. The hotel is a beautiful medieval castle with centuries of history.

Granada Parador, Andalusia

Spend the night in the Alhambra complex, among gardens and fountains that evoke a past in which Muslim and the Christian intermingled.

Ávila Parador, UNESCO city

the city walls of Ávila conceal beautiful jewels of cultural heritage. Take a stroll through Ávila's Parador, a 16th-century Palace and its special gardens which contain archaeological remains.

Jarandilla de la Vera Parador, Extremadura

The Parador is located among natural landscapes that affirm the wealth of its historic and monumental surroundings. This castle/palace once hosted Emperor Charles V.

Pyrenees Parador, Aragón

Enjoy spectacular views of the Pyrenees from this Parador.

Ciudad Rodrigo Parador, Salamanca

Located between the energetic cultural life of Salamanca and the wonderful charm of Portugal's Historical Villages. The hotel was built in restored castle of Spanish King Henry II of Trastámara.

Oropesa Parador, Toledo

This building transmits its history and legends. It was once the ancestral home of the Álvarez de Toledo family, counts of Oropesa, and in past times sheltered other nobles. In 1930, it was converted into the first historic Parador.

Santillana del Mar Parador, Cantabria

The Parador reflects the traditional local architecture and has been declared a national monument. It offers a pleasant atmosphere of relaxation. Enjoy this well-preserved small medieval town with cobbled streets.