Running The Bull,


“A spectacle capable of getting you out of bed at half past five in the morning for several days in a row". These are the words of Ernest Hemingway on the bull-running in San Fermín.

During this event, the streets of Pamplona are a 24-hour party, where the bull is the star turn.

Night and day, risk and excitement go hand in hand with high spirits and non-stop fun.
Our program consists in hiring secure places for our clients in balconies on the first or second floors of buildings located along the course of the bull run.
Our guide will meet clients at their hotel at 6:30am and from there, they will go to their respective balconies together.

Once at the balcony and before the run, customers will have a breakfast of freshly-made coffee, orange juice and cookies.

When the run starts, the guide will provide a detailed description of the bull run, its origin and history and all the rituals of the race.