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Team building

Team Building

With our Team Building activities we transmit and create high value for our incentives, meetings and events.
Our client gains Motivation, Fun,  Inspiration, Stress-relief, and Team Bonding.
It gives all members of a team an insight into their strengths and weaknesses.
It builds a camaraderie that the team brings back to the company.
Performance gives team members a better idea of how they work together, with a greater mutual respect.
entertainment with tasks derived from Greek and Roman  games, such as: gladiator battles, human chariot races, building a giant catapult, "Conquering the Minotaur, "The Trojan Horse," Olympic Zeus"…

Sailing Regatta
The participants will go aboard yachts  and sail in a regatta.
Incorporating outdoor training methodology, this innovative program takes participants through an intensive regatta experience, in which learning is done through immersion.
Maritime training and other dynamic alternatives also available.

The Great Flamenco Dance Team Performance.

Flamenco dancing is one of the traditional Spanish art forms that exudes confidence and passion, something all employers are looking for in their staff.


 The big creative  picture

In this activity we aim to bring out that creative  streak that you didn't even know you had.
Under the supervision of our artists you will be divided into teams and given a painting task to complete.
The expert supervisors will help you exploit your creative side in order to produce a work of art that you can be proud of.
The aim is to produce a 2 metre  square canvas which you can take home with you.



The urban treasure hunt
The urban treasure hunt is one of our most popular conference activities, and is a perfect activity for team fun.
There is no better way to explore the city you are in, as well as team build, than a treasure hunt. Not only does it mean your employees have to work together, it is also a physical break from sitting in front of a computer all day.



Casino evening

Experience the thrill of gambling without breaking the bank. Our evening events coordinators provide everyone with fun money at the start of the evening event.
Casino evenings give guests all the fun of Vegas with none of the risk.



4x4 & Challenges

The participants will be divided into teams which must overcome a series of challenges.
4x4 Driving is fun - especially if never done before. Get your team out for a exciting day behind the wheel.
4x4s are driven under the supervision of qualified and registered instructors.

Funny Greek Olympic Games
The participants will face a modified, and more amusing  
version of the Olympic Games.
This  program  combines.


Traditional games. Have you ever drunk from a “Bota“? and from a “Porrón“?
For centuries these were the traditional way of drinking for Spaniards.
Divide the group into teams and guess the abilities of each one, you are sure to have a lot of fun.
The winning team will win a prize.

Return to the past
Divide the group into teams and each will be dressed in period clothing.
With the help of a script, they will represent a scene from a play from that century.Find out who is the best actor.

Photo contest
Which team takes the best photo? And the most original?
Try it.The winning team will win a prize.

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