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Tapas tour

Tapas tour
The most inescapable element of Spanish cooking is tapas, small snacks now popular the world over.
In all of Spain’s cities, towns and villages you will find bars, taverns, even entire neighbourhoods, specializing in tapas. A day spent sampling tapas is the ideal way to experience Spanish culture,you will be accompanied by a food and wine expert who will be pointing out throughout the tour little-known cultural and gastronomic landmarks, telling stories and answering queries, enriching and enlivening your experience of this vibrant and flavourful city.

Tapas tour in any city in Spain, could be on foot, by bike , by go car or any way you can imagine
The stops could include:
•A  bodega dedicated to Spanish wines.
•A traditional tasca
•A pintxo bar where you'll discover the secrets of this snack craze from the Basque country.
•A Spanish  market that awakens smells and colors.

Tapas tour by bike

Bodega dedicated to Spanish wines

Visit a Spanish market on the way.A dream   
of colours and flavours

Traditional tasca

Tapas tour by go carTapas tour by Segway

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