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Spain is synonymous with passion, art and good living.This is a country which offers numerous options for leisure, culture, nature and gastronomy. Choose your experience and adjust your trips to the local way of life in the country that's your  home for now

Bull-running – rent a balcony.
Our program consists in hiring secure places for our clients on balconies on the first.
Enjoy a Spanish football match.
Book your ticket and do not miss this Spanish experience the course of the bull run.
Have your lunch in a non-tourist  restaurant
and adjust your trip to the local way of life         
in the country that's your  home for now
Sailing experience.
Cutting across the water under the power
of the wind?
Spanish cooking lessons.
You will learn how to cook the authentic typical dishes of Spain. And make friends along the way.
Classic cars.
Experience the old world charm in vintage and classic cars.
All the fun and interesting things to do and see.
City tours by bike.
One of the very best ways to explore the cities
is by bike.
Visit a private castle.
belonging to a real marquise.
entrance to a unique experience.
Visit a farm of fighting bulls
Visit the farmhouse and discover the bulls        approaching them a few meters away by tractor.
Flamenco dancing lessons.
One more Spanish experience,to make your holidays more authentic and fun is tolearn.
Flamenco dancing.
Helicopter tour.
You will see the city skyline and its streets and avenues directly from the sky.
Ballooning ride.
Unique experience of floatingin the air,read
all our flying formulas and choose the one
you most like.
Tapas tour.
A day spent sampling tapas is the
ideal way to experience Spanish culture.
Feel Spain.
Choose your experience.

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