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Spanish heritage tours

The Spanish heritage tour
Spain boasts a rich art and cultural heritage named World Heritage by UNESCO. Cities, monumental
ensembles and unique buildings make up one of the greatest cultural heritages in the world.
Around Madrid, this route visits the world heritage cities, a magnificent trip in history.


Visit the Roman Aqueduct in Segovia, dated
from 1st Century BC. a height of 28.5 m
(93 ft 6 in) and totalling 167arches in all.

Visit the Avila walls, built   a millennium ago, today these
medieval  walls, are still in good condition. Fourteen
meters high, one and a half  miles long,  and as much
as 3 meters thick.

Avila, sleep in the Parador,a hotel palace dating from
the 16th century.


Visit Escorial Monastery, symbol of Spanish empire
It was also built to house the Royal Pantheon and
the Spanish monarchs from the houses of Habsburg
and Bourbon are buried here.

Have a lunch in a restaurant dated from 1.768 served as refuge during the French invasionLunch in a restaurant built in the Eighteenth Century.
It was the  house of a Cardinal of Toledo.

Visit Toledo, one of the Spanish cities with the greatest wealth of monuments and known as the “city of the three
cultures”,because Christians, Arabs and Jews lived together there for centuries. Behind its walls, Toledo preserves
an artistic and cultural legacy.

Tour distances :

•Madrid- Escorial : 57km
•Escorial – Segovia : 55km
•Segovia – Avila : 88km
•Avila – Toledo : 188km
•Toledo – Madrid : 90km

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